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Cover Image for Build Stunning Charts in React With Recharts
·21 mins reading

Learn how to create beautiful charts in React with Recharts, a charting library built specifically for React. Create any chart you can imagine.

Cover Image for Build Stunning Documentation With React & Docusaurus
·34 mins reading

Learn how to create stunning documentation in minutes with React and Docusaurus. Spend more time building your product!

Cover Image for Next.js 13 Changed Data Fetching and Rendering... But Is It Good?
·20 mins reading

With Next.js 13, you no longer need getStaticProps, getServerSideProps, and getStaticPaths? Here's what to do instead! Hint? It's better!

Cover Image for What You Need to Know About Server Components in Next.js 13
·12 mins reading

With the release of Next.js 13, Next.js officially supports React server components, and here's everything you need to know about server components.

Cover Image for How to Implement Dark Mode in React/Next.js Using Sass
·12 mins reading

Dark mode has become a popular feature on websites, and we'll explore a simple yet scalable solution for your React/Next.js app using Sass.

Cover Image for Centering Divs with Tailwind CSS
·5 mins reading

Centering divs has become a common meme among web developers. With Tailwind CSS, it's easy. Use flexbox, grid layout, or absolute positioning.